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Who, When, Where, And How To Wear Panna Stone?

The captivating green hue of Panna stone serves as an exquisite testament to the beauty of this gemstone. As the gem associated with the planet Mercury, emerald holds profound significance in astrology. 

Known as Panna stone in Hindi, it is believed to bestow the wearer with benefits such as good health, wealth, enhanced creativity, wisdom, and a blissful marital life. This verdant gemstone is sourced from Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, South America, and Russia. Its allure extends beyond aesthetics, with recommendations advising individuals to wear it prominently on the correct finger to amplify its positive effects.

Panna stone

Who Should Wear Emerald Stone?

Consultation with Astrologer

  • Before donning the emerald stone, it is crucial to seek advice from a certified astrologer, emphasizing the necessity of wearing the gem under expert guidance.

Astrological Alignment

  • Emphasizing the significance of celestial alignment, wearing emerald is considered essential based on the positioning of Mercury in the astrological chart.

Creative Professions

  • Emerald benefits individuals in creative fields like fashion design, painting, music, and interior design, enhancing their artistic endeavors.

Empowering Decision-Making

  • Business professionals seeking active decision-making prowess should wear an emerald, reflecting its historical reputation as an intuition-enhancing gem.

Communication Enhancement

  • Linked with the planet Mercury, emerald empowers communication skills, making it suitable for leaders, public speakers, and those seeking improvement in oratory, including assistance with stammering issues.

Research Advancement

  • Individuals in research fields are encouraged to wear emeralds (Budh Ratna) to enhance accuracy and success in their research endeavors.

Wisdom and Healing

  • The emerald’s association with wisdom and power makes it particularly advantageous for physicians, astrologers, and practitioners, contributing to their professional pursuits.

Zodiac Affiliation

  • Astrologers recommend wearers with zodiac signs like Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius to consider embracing the Panna gemstone. This aligns their astrological profile with the potential benefits associated with this gemstone.

Panna stone

When, Where, and How Should One Wear Panna Gemstone? 

Auspicious Timing and Day

Wednesday is considered the ideal day for wearing emerald stone , with the most suitable times being between 5-9 AM or 5-7 PM. This celestial alignment enhances the positive effects of the gemstone.

Finger Placement

Men are advised to wear the gemstone on their right hand’s little finger, whereas women have the option to wear it on either hand’s little finger. This practice aims to maximize the stone’s influence, as per traditional beliefs.

Jewelry Form and Metal

Crafted in gold, silver, Ashta dhatu, or Panch dhatu, the natural panna stone finds resonance with various metals.

Mantra Invocation

It is advisable to chant the mantra for the Budh (Mercury) planet, “Om Aim Bum Buddhaye Namah,” before wearing the emerald.

Panna stone

Carat Weight and Activation

The recommended carat weight is 1/12th of the wearer’s weight. Activation of the emerald is a crucial step involving the radiance of its energy. This process includes purifying and energizing the ring or pendant by immersing it in raw milk and gangajal for 20-30 minutes. Afterward, wiping the jewelry with a clean cloth is essential.

Sacred Offerings

To further enhance the gem’s aura, offering flowers and burning incense sticks is customary before wearing the panna ratna. These sacred rituals contribute to the overall sanctity and positive energy associated with the emerald gemstone.

In conclusion,

Individuals wear the Panna stone, also recognized as the Emerald gemstone, based on personal choices influenced by astrological beliefs and individual preferences.

Traditionally associated with Mercury, it is recommended for individuals influenced by this planet or seeking its astrological benefits. The ideal time to wear it often aligns with auspicious planetary alignments, but personal intent and belief play crucial roles. Wear it as a ring or pendant, touching the skin to maximize its supposed positive effects. However, ultimately, whether worn for astrological reasons or adorned as an exquisite piece of jewelry, the choice of when, where, and how to wear the Panna stone remains a blend of personal conviction and astrological guidance.

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